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My hair is breaking. . . What products can I use?

Generally every persons hair grows(asides those with certain conditions that stop hair growth). Although at different rates but our hair can grow. Research has shown that each persons hair grows at at least a quarter of an inch every month.
Most times we might not notice that our hair is growing because it’s breaking faster than its growing or its breaking as much as its growing so your hair might seem static.

A good hair routine would combat majority of the hair issues a person would face.
To combat hair loss, you should adhere to the following easy tips:-

1. Clean hair grows. A good hair routine would consist of regular hair wash preferably weekly. Do not shampoo every week though. Co-wash instead then shampoo wash once a month.
We have a wide range of shampoo for you to pick from. We have Bio, Extract and Girl Power. For more information about the shampoos, read our post about them.
You can co-wash with our Hydrating Wash Off Conditioner- “THE LAST TANGLE”. This can be done weekly.

2. Dry hair cracks and breaks. Thus, you need to hydrate your hair regularly. MOISTURIZE. MOISTURIZE. MOISTURIZE. I cannot overemphasize how important this is. This can be done with out Moisturizing Leave in Conditioner- “All Tangled Up”.
For more information, click this link –
Don’t forget that actual water(H2O) is good for your hair.

3. We also have other products that can be used along side the products mentioned above that stop breakage. They are “A Hairytale” and “Hair Yum”. Our anti-breakage formulas. Read more – . Do you have yours yet? What are you waiting for?
4. Other things that can be done to put an end to your breaking hair include: deep conditioning and protein treatments. You don’t want to overdo protein treatments though. Too much of everything is not always good. Henna also goes a long way in stopping breakage.

More tips would be available soon. Hope this was helpful. Comment your thoughts and questions if you have any. Thanks for reading this.
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Hairs To You- For Your Healthy Hair Journey


Butter me up please

A HAIRYTALE – Whipped Hair Butter

Why do we whip hair butters and oils together?

It makes it easier to use. Whipping also combines the butter with the oils perfectly and whips air into the mixture to make it lighter to scoop out and apply. It also allows you have a combination of different ingredients which would do much more on your hair as opposed to using one ingredient.

Here at Hairs To You, our Whipped Hair Butter consists of Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Castor oil and essential oils.

Cocoa butter is a great moisturiser for hair and body. It helps with stretch marks. For the hair, it helps with itchy and dry scalp. It adds volume to the hair. It helps with hair growth. It restores moisture to the hair (which is really good because of our weather). It adds shine to the hair.

Shea butter is a natural hair conditioner that softens hair. It protects the hair from heat and sun (Heat damage is VERY BAD for hair). It is rich in vitamin A, E and F. It seals moisture in the hair without leaving a greasy feel.

Coconut oil is lighter oil. It helps with frizz on the hair. It also helps with breakage. It helps retain protein in hair. It is rich in vitamin E and other nutrients.

Castor oil accelerates hair growth. It helps edges stay put. It reduces dandruff and draws moisture to the hair. It has antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

Essential oils improve blood circulation. They calm itchy scalp. They smell really good and feels nice on the scalp.


This post contains important information about this product. Please read before using your product. It includes other information that might be especially important for you.


It is a great sealant. It locks moisture into hair strands. It softens the hair and repairs damaged ends. It protects the hair from heat damage from the sun and other forms. It strengthens hair strands. It reduces single strand knots(small balls of tangled hair rolled up together) by keeping your ends straight and not tangled.



Use on damp hair or after application of All Tangled Up (Leave In Conditioner). Rub A HAIRYTALE on both palms of your hand and massage into sectioned hair from root to tip. Repeat daily or at least 4 times a week. Consistency is key.



ALL TANGLED UP – The Plug of Leave-ins

ALL TANGLED UP – For the Love of Good Hair

All Tangled Up is the Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner.


This post contains important information about this product. Now read this little piece before using this product. Don’t be scared. This post contains information that might be especially important for you.


All Tangled Up helps your hair stay smooth and soft and repairs damage and split ends. It is the suitable option for damaged stubborn hair.

It does not need to be rinsed out, but does need to be applied to damp hair.

After cleansing and conditioning, using All Tangled Up further assists in improving the manageability of your hair by making it smoother, softer, increasing its elasticity and it also strengthens its structure.
All Tangled Up gives your hair slip which will make detangling easier.

All Tangled Up should be used after shampooing and conditioning the hair. It should also be used as a daily moisturizer.


  • Place a small amount of All Tangled Up on the palm of your hand. The amount of product used will vary from person to person. You can always add more product to your hair, so begin with less than you think you will need.
  • Rub the product into damp hair. Be sure to saturate each strand of hair. Rub your hands together and then begin running it through the ends of your hair. Apply more to the ends of your hair as it is the damaged or oldest part of your hair. Style as usual.


To get your very own awesome Hydrating and Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner (ALL TANGLED UP), take out your phone and call us on 08053472670. We are only one call away, we’d be there to save your hair. Superman got nothing on us, we are only one call away.


  1. Avoid contact with eyes
  2. If product gets into eyes, rinse with lukewarm water immediately.
  3. Do not inhale or ingest.
  4. This product should not be used on your eyelashes or eyebrows.
  5. Store in a cool dry place.
  6. Do not use this product if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients listed on the pack of the product.

GROW FAST – Hair Growth Cream

Grow Fast is a moisturizing hair cream which speeds up hair growth.


As the name implies, it grows hair fast.

It adds volume to your hair. That is the first thing you notice when you use Grow Fast.

It can be used to grow back nape hair. Nape hair is the hair that grows at the back of your head just above your neck. Some people suffer from serious hair loss at the nape of the hair. Grow Fast can be used to fix such hair damage.

Speaking of hair damage, it can also be used to treat heat damage.

It can also be used to grow back edges that has been lost from tight braids or any form of hair pulling that results in loss of edges(front hair).

It repairs damaged ends.

It softens hair.


Part hair into 4 sections and rub “Grow Fast” thoroughly from root to tip and on the edges. Seal with an oil or butter. Repeat daily or at least 4 times a week. A little goes a long way.


Grow Fast can be used daily or at least 4 times a week. When hair is in a protective style, it can be used on the edges.


This product can be used on anyone with hair. It can be used by women with afro, natural and relaxed hair. It can be used by men with afro, dreadlocks or twists. It can also be used on little kids.


To place an order, you can call 08053472670 or send us a text message or WhatsApp message. You can also send us a direct message on Instagram at @ahairytale. The easiest and fastest way to place an order is by placing a call to us.


QUITTING RELAXERS?? Here’s what you need to know. . .

Step 1: Stop using all chemical relaxers.
Step 2: Cut off relaxed hair. You can big chop or transition before you big chop.
Big chop involves cutting all of one’s relaxed hair.
Transitioning is when the hair is allowed to grow so that the undergrowth gets to a certain extent before the big chop is done.
Once you no longer have relaxed hair. Viola, you’re natural.

The easiest way to manage natural hair and maximize hair growth is to have a hair regimen or routine that works for your hair type or texture.
1)We all have different hair types. What works for A might not work for B. Figure out what works for you.
2)Wash with shampoo once or twice a month. Hairs To You offers sulphate free organic shampoo (Bio, Extract and Girl Power). Also wash with a conditioner after this (The Last Tangle).
3)Cowashing (involves washing your hair with just conditioner as opposed to shampoo). This can be done weekly.
4).Deep Conditioning should be done once a week
5)Hot Oil treatment should be done at least twice a month. Hot Oil treatment is done by warming up oils and some herbs(herbs are optional) and applying to your hair from root to tip. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and leave for an hour or overnight. Then rinse. This can be done the night before “wash day”. Elixir (Hair Growth Oil) can be warmed and used for your hot oil treatment.
6)A spray bottle and satin bonnet are essential tools for a naturalista. Your spray bottle should contain a mixture of 80% water and 20% oil of your choice. Spritzing helps to soften the hair, make it easy to comb and style and keep the hair moisturized. Satin bonnet helps reduce breakage and retain moisture in the hair.
Spray bottles and Satin Bonnet are also available at Hairs To You.

NOTE: At Hairs To You, we have a standard Hair Regimen available for our customers to maximize hair growth.


We Are A Year!!!

“When a woman changes her hair, she’s about to change her life”

At around the end of 2014, I wanted to make certain changes in my life – new year resolutions and all. One of the changes included cutting my hair and returning natural. I was not bold enough to cut off all my hair so I trimmed my hair and twisted my hair with kinky extension for 6 months.

June 2015 – I cut off all my relaxed ends.

So it was June, I had natural teeny weeny Afro (TWA). I didn’t know much about natural hair so I went on the internet. I read and read, watched videos.

Few months after this, I had perfected a routine, I knew how to make several hair products that were doing great on my hair and my sisters hair too.

Sadly, I’m a person that doesn’t let my hair out cause I don’t know how to style my hair so you only get to see my hair when I’m at the salon.

In February 2016, my girlfriends and I went to make our hair at Iseme’s salon, Benin City – Edo, Nigeria. At the salon, someone approached me about my hair wanting to feel it asking what I’ve been doing to it and for how long. There and there, she did a big chop. That same day, someone else saw my hair and took my number to give to her sister who wants to go natural.

Her sister called me 2 weeks later to ask about my hair routine. She came to my house so that I can give her some of the products I make. After she left, it hit me! I can make money from this.

“If you’re good at something, never do it for free”

Two days later, I had made and packaged some products, picked out a name and was ready for business.

My very first customer who bought the very fast Grow Fast was Faith.

I had 4 names (Hairs To You, All Tangled Up, A Hairytale, ) and I was really confused so I sent the names to 5 people whose opinion I valued to pick. Hairs To You won. All Tangled Up now became the name of our leave in conditioner, A Hairytale became our oil mix.

In April, I started the business name registration process. It was a process I had to do by myself(no lawyers were involved) so it took a few months. By the end of June, my registration certificate was ready. The certificate says June 16th, that’s why it’s the anniversary date.

Hairs To You started with 4 products, which are:-
Grow Fast
All Tangled Up
A Hairytale
Coconut Oil

Overtime, some other products were also introduced:
Whipped Hair Butter
Liquid Black Soap Shampoo
Aloe Vera Shampoo
Aloe Vera Oil
Phyto (Herbal Hot Oil Treatment)
It’s been a difficult but lovely journey. We promise to do better this year and introduce many more great products. Shop at Hairs To You.

It only worked out because I started out with a great support system. I would like to say thank you to my friends and family for their support, encouragement and more. I would like to thank :

Omiyi Ehizojie
Mercy Eruemulor

Okoh Osebhor

Omeruah Sarah

Alex Tsegbemi

Usman Jude

Oghogho OSA-omoregie




Personally, I prefer to use the LCO method; that is the Liquid-Cream-Oil method. Oils seal and should go last.
For some people though, the LOC (Liquid-Oil-Cream) works better. You can switch it up to whatever works for you.

LCO/LOC are both methods for application of product on natural hair.

LCO involves applying a liquid based product first (Example- Water), then cream and lastly an oil or butter product.

LOC involves applying a liquid based product first (Example- Water), then and oil or butter product (Example – A Hairytale) and lastly cream based product (Grow Fast)

Try out our products using whatever method works for you
LIQUID- Our leave in conditioner “All Tangled Up” leaves your hair looking and feeling hydrated. It softens and detangles your hair with minimal breakage.
CREAM- Our moisturizing Hair Growth Cream – “Grow Fast” promotes hair growth and adds volume to hair.
OIL- Hair Yum serves as a great sealant and can be used for styles such as braid outs, twists, bantu-knots. Its formulated with various important carrier oils and essential oil to seal, minimize breakage and aids shine.
A Hairytale can also be used as a sealant. It’s also great for styling. It helps to minimize single stranded knots. Its formulated with Shea butter, Cocoa butter and much more to make your curls defined, soft and shiny and smelling nice. We also have other products that can be used in this category such as Elixir…

Depending on your hair texture, you can decide to seal with an oil or a heavy butter. For natural hair, you have to figure out what your hair needs and give it that. Here at Hairs To You, we have a variety of products that you can pick from to ease your natural hair journey.



Beers like stout, star, harp, gulder can be used to thicken hair or add volume to your natural hair. It also repairs damaged hair, split ends, prevents hair breakage, strengthens your hair cuticle, adds shine and improves overall hair growth. This is due to the brewers yeast present in these beers.


  • Beer needs to be flat for this procedure so leave it open overnight or for about 5 hours to allow the gas leave
  • Pour beer in a bowl
  • Wash, condition and rinse hair
  • Rinse hair again with beer. Ensure it gets to every hair strand
  • Massage scalp and allow to sit for 10-15 minutes
  • Rinse hair with cool water

This can be done weekly. It can be added to your wash day routine.


Hello world!

Welcome my fellow naturalistas,

This is to remind you how good a journey this is; even though it might seem tasking at times. Healthy hair is totally worth it. These are a few hair rules or routine to follow for those of you just joining our journey and a reminder for the rest of us. Here it goes-


  • HEAT IS BAD FOR YOUR HAIR. No more flat irons, dryers or curling irons.
  • Put on satin or silk headwear to sleep if your natural hair is not covered. That includes silk or satin scarfs, caps, bonnet or pillowcases.
  • Keep hair moisturized always.
  • Do oil pre-poos. That is oiling hair with natural hair oil before washing hair.
  • Air dry with t-shirt, not towels.
  • Reduce daily manipulation of hair.
  • Lightly oil your hair with natural oil daily.
  • Massage your scalp 10-15 minutes a day. This might be quite tasking for some of us. Let’s try to be as regular as possible and use the inversion method. That involves tilting your head downwards perhaps from the edge of your bed and massaging your scalp with hot natural oil. This helps with circulation of blood and thus more length.
  • Avoid styles which pull on scalp and edges
  • Pay attention to the ends of your hair. Make sure your leave in conditioner and oils get to the ends because ends die faster and breakage starts from there.
  • A spray bottle will help you distribute your own mix of water and oil throughout your hair. This would come in handy when you need to refresh your hair or prior to detangling.
  • The top 4 most UNWANTED ingredients in hair products include sulfates, parabens, mineral oil/petroleums and alcohols.

All products and treatments can be gotten at Hairs To You. Call us now to get yours.